Diversified Growth Fund

Overview and Investment Objective

Date: Wed 25 May, 2022  | Price: 3.4188

Clarity Funds Management Limited was established in 2007 and now offers eight investment funds. The investment management expertise of JMI Wealth is used to manage funds offered to our clients through Clarity.  

Clarity has the ability to appoint external investment managers or advisers.

Objective: The Fund will provide actively managed exposure to New Zealand, Australian and international equities, and aims to generate a better return than the benchmark over the medium to long term (five years or longer).

Strategy: The Fund will primarily invest in managed funds (including other Clarity funds) to achieve a well-diversified portfolio of equities. It may also invest in other assets on listed sharemarkets.

Benchmark: 25% S&P/NZX 50 Portfolio Index Gross with Imputation, 25% S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index in New Zealand dollars, and 50% MSCI All Country World ex-Tobacco Index (net dividends reinvested) in New Zealand dollars with 50% hedged to the New Zealand dollar.

Holdings: The Fund is actively managed, which means the holdings may differ considerably from the relevant benchmark index.

Suitability: This Fund may be suitable for those investors who are comfortable with a higher risk in the short term but want a diversified exposure to shares.

The target asset allocation ranges shown below are the expected average asset mix of the Fund over the long term. Clarity will manage the Fund within the given ranges.

Asset Sector Target
Allocation %
Range %

Cash and cash equivalents

   Including short-term securities and deposits and currency hedging

5 0 - 25

Australasian Equities

   Any company listed on the NZX Stock Exchange or Australian Stock Exchange

47.5 0 - 70

International Equities

   Any company listed on any other recognised Stock Exchange

47.5 0 - 70

Listed Property

   Any property company listed on the NZX Stock Exchange or Australian Stock Exchange

0 0 - 10

Other Assets

   Via exchange traded fund(s) (ETF)

   An ETF is a marketable security that tracks published market indices

0 0 - 10

The Fund can invest in any of the asset classes and security types listed above either directly or via investment in other managed funds. We may also participate in underwriting and sub-underwriting contracts for issues of permitted equity securities.

Hedging: The foreign currency exposure arising from overseas equities will be partially hedged to the New Zealand dollar to reduce the impact of currency fluctuations. Please refer to the Currency Management section of the SIPO for further information.

Distribution: We do not make any cash distributions from the Fund.

Clarity Funds Management Limited is the issuer and manager of the Fund.  We work together with The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited, our Supervisor, to act in the best interest of investors.

Fund application money and investments are held by the Supervisor or their appointed custodian. The Fund has an independent registrar and an administrator who sets the daily price.  The Fund is audited annually.

The Fund is governed by the Trust Deed dated 12 August 2019 and the Establishment Deed dated 15 March 2017. The Fund is established within a registered managed investment scheme under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act), scheme number SCH10600 (Scheme). The operation of the Scheme is governed by the FMC Act.

You can download a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement and Fund Update below for more detailed information about the Fund and for the Fund’s application form.

You can review a copy of the Trust Deed, Product Disclosure Statement and other important Scheme documents at any time by either contacting us or electronically on the Scheme's register on www.business.govt.nz/disclose.

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Monthly Fund Commentary

This commentary provides you with information about the Fund.

Fund Commentary

Quarterly Fund Update

This update provides you with information about the Fund including its performance and investment mix.

Quarterly Fund Update