Indigenous ethical investing.  
Ensuring a quality of life for future generations.  Growing aroha connection.

Temuera Hall and Chris Winitana have partnered with JMI Wealth to provide the TAHITO indigenous ethical Trans-Tasman service.

What makes us unique: 

We have developed a unique way of measuring companies using Māori ancestral knowledge. In doing so we are applying our best Māori ancestral knowledge for the future.

TAHITO selects listed companies based upon indigenous Māori values. We apply our indigenous value set to measure relational behaviours (Whanaungatanga)
and connectivity (Aroha). We measure people connection and the connection of people to the environment. By building Aroha, a business improves its Mauri (wellbeing).

How we operate: 

The TAHITO service is actively managed and applies a robust valuation methodology that follows our proprietary indigenous ethical screening process. Our investment framework can be shown in the following way:


The TAHITO portfolio management and cultural integrity is provided by Temuera Hall and Chris Winitana. The valuation methodology is provided jointly with the senior JMI Wealth team.  Investment administration is provided by JMI Wealth, and finally the investment committee oversees security selection, asset allocation, risk management, administration and compliance.                                                                                                      


Key Features:

The initial investment offering by TAHITO is a portfolio of New Zealand and Australian shares, selected because of their alignment with our indigenous values and their long-term sustainable growth potential. Our analysis shows that the portfolio is expected to be competitive against relevant market indices over the medium to long term.

Further, the Te Tepuwae Waro - Carbon Footprint of the portfolio is significantly lower than a comparable portfolio comprising the Trans-Tasman companies most highly-rated for their ESG performance by investment data provider MSCI:


Who is involved:

Temuera Hall is of Ngāti Tūwharetoa and Te Arawa descent and has been involved in asset management and investment advice since 1994.  Temuera is an Authorised Financial Adviser (FSP42643) and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors.

Chris Winitana is of Ngati Tūwharetoa and Tūhoe descent. With a career background in journalism, Chris is now one of the foremost experts in Māori language, protocol, philosophy and history.  

Paul Glass is the Chairman of JMI parent company Investment Services Group (ISG). He had a long and successful career as a portfolio manager before establishing Devon Funds Management, now one of the largest and most experienced Australasian equity teams in New Zealand.

Andrew Kelleher is a Director of ISG and a principal with JMI Wealth and Select Wealth Management.  Andrew has worked in the financial markets for over 30 years. Andrew is an Authorised Financial Adviser (FSP25221).

Ani McGahan is of Tūhoe and Ngāti Wehiwehi descent. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honours and has recently completed a Master of Arts in Māori Studies. Ani has been involved with investment administration services at JMI Wealth for over four years. Drawing on her liberal arts education, Ani has a strong interest in creating viable pathways that connect investment and financial services with the Māori economy.   


TAHITO is being made available initially to wholesale and professional investors, with a later release being considered for retail investors.


To find out more please call our office for a chat on +64 9 308 1450 or send us a message at Contact Us.