About Us

Clarity Funds Management Limited is a privately-owned investment management business based in New Zealand.

We believe in an active investment management as our approach to generating alpha (return over the benchmark index). Our clients’ interests are our first priority. We are proud of our heritage and undertake to provide quality investment decisions and services across all of our clients. 

We manage nine investment funds across a broad range of clients, from individuals to family and charitable trusts:

Our Approach

Our clients’ interests are our first priority. We are proud of our company and undertake to provide quality investment decisions and services.

Clarity’s investment philosophy is based on the following principles;

  1. We take a long term view.
  2. We are value investors. We actively seek investments that analysis has determined are fairly priced or under-priced.
  3. We are conservative investors. We focus as much on conserving capital as on growing it.
  4. We focus on buying high quality investments and generally hold them for long term capital growth and income.
  5. We have a disciplined approach to risk management.
  6. We strongly believe in diversification of capital.
  7. Markets frequently follow trends. If we believe the current investment trend is not in our clients’ best interest, we are happy to be different and to sit on the sidelines.

Commitment to our Clients

Our aim is to provide our clients with straightforward, flexible investment options, giving them uncomplicated funds that they can understand and trust.  We are focused on delivering long-term growth for investors.

Clarity is privately owned and this serves to align our interests with those of our investors. 

Clarity's parent company is Investment Services Group Limited (ISG). ISG provides operational functions to its subsidiaries including Clarity.

JMI Wealth Limited (JMI Wealth) is a sister company to Clarity. The investment management expertise of JMI Wealth is used to manage funds offered to our clients through Clarity.  JMI Wealth is also an investment adviser to high net worth individuals, family and charitable trusts and superannuation funds.

TAHITO Limited is a sister company to Clarity. TAHITO’s expertise in Maori indigenous ethical investing is used to manage the TAHITO Te Tai o Rehua Fund.